Insect Rearing Center

Mississippi State University

Welcome to the MSU Insect Rearing Center

The concept of developing an insect rearing center at Mississippi State University (MSU) to house new rearing facilities, sponsor a yearly workshop, conduct insect rearing research, rear insects for research, and conduct other activities related to rearing was conceived in the year 1999. A facility was planned, designed, constructed, and completed in 2001. The main facility of approximately 3,100 ft2 (290 m2) is located in the basement of the Lyle Entomology Building and consists of four rooms where staff and students conduct general rearing tasks and six walk-in, environment controlled rearing rooms. Later, a small building adjacent to Lyle Entomology was designed and built to house adult lepidoptera and to provide additional rearing space. In recent years, upgrades in the humidification and temperature control systems have been made.

Items of Note

For further information concerning the MSU Insect Rearing Center, contact Dr. Fred Musser, Director, MSU Insect Rearing Center at (

Insect Rearing Center