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2nd International Conference “Insects to Feed the World” (IFW 2018): 15-18 May 2018, Wuhan, China

IFW 2018 aims to address all aspects related to insects as food and feed and will bring together research scientists, government officials, and private sector representatives from the food and feed sector from both developing and developed countries.

Keynote speakers include the following:

Eraldo M. Costa NetoBrazilMultiple uses of insects in indigenous cultures in Latin America
Victor Menno Meyer-RochowJapanInsects can not only feed the world—they can also heal the world.
Yupa HanboonsongThailandSmall scale farming of insects in southeast Asia
Katharina UngerChinaSmall–scale devices for rearing edible insects
Antoine HubertFranceThe challenges of the edible insect industry to move forward
Jeffery TomberlinUSAResearch needs for large-scale rearing of black soldier fly: insect quality and food safety
Segenet KelemuKenyaEdible insects and food security in Africa: needs and opportunities
Alexander MathysSwitzerlandEnvironmental impact of insects compared to other protein sources
John KinyuruKenyaHow to convince consumers to eat insects: a Kenyan perspective
Paul RozinUSAGlobal perspectives of insects as food and feed
Arnold van HuisNetherlandsExploring the potential for insects as food, feed and pharma worldwide
Kees AartsNetherlandsInsects and the future of protein: an industry perspective and outlook

Insect Rearing Professionals Discussion Group

During the 2011 MSU Insect Rearing Workshop, the idea was born to create an internet discussion group in order to communicate and exchange information on insect rearing. The Insect Rearing Professionals Discussion Group is now a reality. This group is open to anyone anywhere in the world working in insect rearing, and any topics in the field of rearing insects may be discussed. For registration instructions, go to Please include in your membership request a short introduction of yourself-at least your name, job title, and institution/company-to be posted to the group after your request is accepted. The group is managed by Léon Westerd, Head of Insect Rearing, Entomology Laboratory, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands. For any questions you can contact him at