Insect Rearing Center

Mississippi State University

Importance of the MSU International Insect Rearing Workshop: A Special Endorsement

Peter Ebling, Manager of Insect Production Services, Natural Resources Canada

The Mississippi State University (MSU) International Insect Rearing Workshop has played an integral role in the success of our rearing program from the inception of their first workshop in 2000, through to the present day. Over these 15 years, we have enrolled nine of our staff from management on down to our newest technician.

Dr. Frank Davis and his team of experts have provided us with a foundation upon which to build our world-class rearing program. The knowledge gained through these workshops led us to develop the internationally unparalleled quality management system that we have today. Even though we are now a leader among the international insect rearing community, we still rely on the MSU workshop to augment our own in‑house training program for new hires. Their workshops continue to provide value and relevance to our rearing program and to give us new perspectives into insect rearing. We will continue to attend their workshops in the years to come.